1000 Voices – 1000 Days

Being a young African woman is the worst form of identity in the world today as evidenced by their harsh experience of development challenges. This needs to change, and as we focus on the last 1000 days of the Millennium Development Goals, there’s no better time to generate dialogue on how we can transform the development status of young African women, that now. This blog series has endeavoured to capture 1000 conversations with 1000 women and men worldwide, and is expected to form the philosophical basis for this status shift. The series has taken time to appreciate the value of women, the challenges they face and the roles we can all play to facilitate their unhindered development. To access posts from this blog series, search for the category ‘1000 Women – 1000 Voices’.

The photos below are of some of the contributors to the series, find out what they had to say by following this link: http://www.conversations4change.wordpress.com/category/1000-women-1000-voices/


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