I had a chance to visit one of the world’s most progressive cities the great ‘New York’. NYC really lived up to its billing as the capital city of the world,

the concrete jungle whose streets will make you feel brand new and whose lights will inspire you

as one artist penned.

The high-rise buildings make one wish they had a longer neck or higher-heeled shoes to properly take in the environment and now I appreciate why ladies love their stilettos!. Their roads were brilliant (by that I mean no portholes), the people mind their own business and everyone walks with this confident step that to me says “we run the world!”.

Now there’s one thing that particularly caught my attention from the whole NYC experience, and that was the exquisite taste of their garbage. I know that’s an uncanny combination but that’s exactly what I saw. I bumped into elegant couches strewn outside apartments, designer clothes and strong kitchen sinks. I saw vibrant teddy bears, neat book-shelves and a whole assortment of delectable items all thrown away and waiting to be collected for destruction.

I was unsettled by this unusual sight which to me had the appearance of household goods carefully packaged for a family moving in or moving out. It didn’t strike me as garbage, it wasn’t worth trashing according to my definition of rubbish. So this led me to the question,

what is garbage? and what lesson does a people’s garbage have to tell us?

Is garbage a sign of excess and over purchasing beyond a people’s ability to consume?, Is it perhaps a natural result of the process of change as experienced by these same people?, Is it a reflection of changed preferences and the preparation of a place for occupation by newer, more preferred goods?

I think all the definitions fit the bill, and I’d like to draw focus to the last one because I believe that’s where the greatest lesson lies. I see garbage as showing a people’s preparation for change in a progressive direction.

The more the garbage, the more the change, the greater the progress.

What I saw in their garbage piles was an explanation for the level of progress I saw in this city. To me it meant that New Yorkers are good at letting go and moving on, which made sense in view of the innovations birthed in this city. In all honesty, we draw a great deal of direction from this metropolis, largely because they’re accustomed to leading the world to undiscovered heights.

You can’t take a step forward without taking your foot from where it was and putting it where you want it to go. It’s the same principle with garbage, you can’t receive the fullness of what you want without fully releasing yourself from what you have that you don’t need anymore.

You see there’s a double-plus side to all this, letting go is in principle a step of faith. You let go of the old experience in anticipation of being satisfied with the new experience even if you haven’t opened the box yet. You begin to expect the best from what you’re yet to experience so much so that when you do, you have no choice but to enjoy it because you have to, there’s no turning back.

What if we took this principle and applied it to the way we face each day… You let go of yesterday (trash it) and receive today with open arms because you know it’s all you have in your power to enjoy. Take your learnt lessons and bits of wisdom and enjoy the present like the ‘present’ it’s meant to be.

A people’s ability to stick to the garbage collectors time-table also determines their level of prosperity. In my view, we need to forgo the poverty-ridden notion that says ‘one man’s garbage is another man’s gold’ the bottom line is that

trash is trash

If that individual found it timely to let that thing go, don’t get caught up in their past as they move on to a future that will give them greater authority over you.

Don’t be afraid to throw stuff away (and you can do that in various ways including donating to charity), its a life principle that opens the doors to change in your life. You might be holding on to that old television when your skills and other resources can be combined to produce a great deal more wealth for you. When you let go, you create an empty space that drives you to work to fill it in.

All the worlds greatest inventions were born out of necessity, absence creates that necessity, innovation satisfies it.

You may be surprised, as you wait for the next new thing to come so you can fill your house again, you could get a wind of inspiration and create something yourself, something that the world will come begging for.

A whole new world waits to be discovered, and it’ll take your step of faith to bring it to being – one trash can at a time