Today marks the beginning of the last 1000 days of the Millennium Development Goals. These final days represent a very significant period in the implementation of the MDGs, as the world builds momentum to focus on priority actions that can help us finish strong.

As we identify priority areas and actions its important for us to appreciate the importance of targeting young women’s empowerment as one of such priorities. We must generate dialogue and identify suitable recommended actions and ideas that will enable the transformation of the development status of young women.

It is with this in mind that the ‘1000 Voices – 1000 Women’ campaign has been launched as an effort to generate 100 conversations worldwide on how best to secure the development of women and girls. The campaign will serve as a journey into the hearts and minds of young women as the world is brought to an appreciation of their strengths, challenges, aspirations and recommendations for change.

Young women from across the globe are invited to take part in this campaign through sending in responses to any of the 100 dialogue questions which will be released gradually on a weekly basis. Young men and other community members are invited to take part in the campaign as we work together to develop a philosophical basis to the need to invest in women’s development in the final 1000 days of the MDGs and beyond.

Inputs that are made will be shared at the upcoming Women Deliver Conference in May 2013, as well as with the UNFPA, African Union, Governments and other development partners. After the 100th day, a book will be compiled in line with the contributions made to the 100 conversational issues.