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The campaign has officially lifted off with great written and video contributions from student leaders in the Bulawayo Junior City Council. As I stood behind the camera today I had an awesome opportunity to travel into the hearts of these young women as they spoke about their unique values, dreams, challenges and sources of inspiration.

I got to appreciate that African women are not just numbers from statistical documents, or troubling lines in project proposals. Their dreams shake the world to discomfort, their resilience can take down any obstacle and their twin-edged beauty shines to every forsaken corner of development.

We also received a great literary piece from a young Bulawayo writer who took time to paint a worded picture of the typical prejudices young women face in pursuit of self-realization. She tackled some of the key underlying determinants of the low developmental status of women which included the lack of decision making power in determining ones destiny.

The conversations have started, look out for the video links and written contributions which we will be sharing on the blog shortly. We will also be releasing our list of the first 10 questions and we invite you to send in your video or written response to any of them to .