The first part of the 100 conversations for change campaign focuses on exploring the lives of young women at a personal level. We explore the uniqueness of women, as they share on their character, life experiences, aspirations and sources of motivation.

Young women are valuable, and this should form the basis of the decisions of development partners to invest in their growth and success. The argument for women’s empowerment should not be driven by the image of a hopeless, helpless woman in need of salvation; but rather by a bankable realization of the truly immense value of women.

For this to be the case, we must change the global image of women in exhibiting their strengths, achievements and dreams in the midst of challenges. We also need to understand what the true barriers to women’s development are from the perspective of young people, and to point out key partners and opportunities that can be used to help women realize their full potential.

To help paint this picture, we have prepared 10 questions which constitute ten dialogue points on the value of women. Answer as many of these questions as deeply as you can. This is not an academic discussion but an opportunity to paint worded images with your heart in enabling people’s minds to appreciate what it means to be a young woman.