Today is Day 4 of the 100Conversations4Change Campaign and this week we ask you 10 questions.

  1.     What makes you special as a young woman?
  2.     What are your strengths and what are your weaknesses?
  3.     What motivates you to wake up and take on each day?
  4.     How do you overcome failure, disappointment and defeat?
  5.     Why should your rights be upheld as a young woman?
  6.     What 3 things do you need to help you succeed in life?
  7.     Who are your 3 most important partners to achieving success and why?
  8.     What are the 3 biggest barriers?
  9.     What are you passionate about?
  10.     Who is your inspiration and why?
You can answer one, or a combination of questions and send your responses via email to Responses can be anything from 250-500 words. Alternatively, you can submit a 1-2 minute video as you respond to your chosen question(s).
You can also access and respond to the questions via this survey link: