My name is Ashel Dube and I am a young woman aged 17. I live in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and I am a proud African young woman.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAWhat makes me special as a young woman?

Living in a male dominated world has never been easy particularly here in Africa; but what makes me special as a young woman, what makes me stand out in this world is my name.

My name is a unique name, for those who don’t know it my name is Ashel. It is an Indian way of saying beautiful. I am grateful to my parents for that name because it defines who I am as a person and with a unique name it follows automatically that everything I do is unique. From what I like, to what I eat and what I spend my time doing. For instance it is said that the famous color among women is pink yet I prefer baby blue.

What makes me special is the way I prioritize the things I do in life. I have seen how young women of my age or younger just give up on life and become dependent on someone else or care less about themselves and their future. This pains me as a young woman because when I look at the other young women in this world I don’t just see women as most people do, I see the future generation, I see the future president of my country and I see the future world’s best scientists.

What motivates me to wake up and take on each day?

For me waking up every morning is not an easy thing at all because I love my sleep, so when I finally do wake up and decide to take on the day it’s always because of two things. Firstly, God is my number one motivation, I’m always grateful to him that I was able to wake and see the new day. I tell myself everyday that he did not bring me this far so I can sit on this new day and do nothing about it so from there that’s when I wake up and look forward to the new day with my head held up high.

My second source of motivation is my mother. I look at her everyday and I tell myself that one day I want to be just like her if not better and the only way I can be able to achieve that is by waking up and taking this new day as an opportunity to make something out of myself.

What 3 things do I need to succeed in life?

For me I think if I have my D.D.F I’m sure to succeed. This is my Dream, Dedication and Focus.

One needs to start off by dreaming then after dreaming you need to have that dedication which is going to help you turn that dream into a reality but then again you can’t achieve any success without focus. Focus helps you draft your plan to success, it tells you that you need to start here, then go there and my finish line will be there. One needs to be focused to complete the cycle of success which starts off with a dream, then dedication then finally focus. I will use my school work as an example. I have a dream of getting straight A’s in my final exams therefore I need to be dedicated in my school work but at the same time I need to focus so as I don’t get distracted by other unimportant things like my cell phone and so that I’m able to read with understanding.

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