By Edith Asamani: (Ghana)


I am the kind of woman that’s interested in Photography, Graphics, Video Editing, Sound Engineering. I know what you may be thinking…but I am not a tomboy. This is what makes me special as a young woman; my ability to excel in the supposed ‘meant-for-your-male-counterparts’ kinds of jobs/activities.

My smile is my trademark everywhere I go. When failure, disappointment and defeat come my way, I smile them away. You have no idea what smiles can do to your nerves and brain. I think of what and who keeps me going- my passion for change & the responsibility of being a first born who has been working to help take care of her siblings since she was 11 years old – and I smile.

My inspiration is every single young person that comes my way with new ideas, the zeal for change and the commitment for it. I have met such wonderful young people (both male and female) in different parts of the globe and listening to them is like listening to a preacher give a powerful sermon at church. It re-ignites the passion!