Watch this award-winning documentary film of a young Zimbabwean woman who overcame rape and is working to transform the lives of young people in her country.

Its a story of pain, betrayal and heartache as an innocent girl finds her life at risk due to the inconsiderate decisions of close family members.

Its sad that stories like these are continually recreated through the erroneous ways our traditions endorse. Laws may exist, schools may be built and health services provided but if our social fabric isn’t changed then all these will amount to nothing.

We need societies that protect the rights and well-being of women at all costs with no alternative. We can’t afford to sell-out the innumerable potential that our girls have, for a one-year ticket out of poverty as was the case with Tecla. Such decisions have a devastating effect on the development of young women and we need to point them out as the selfish decisions they really are.

The amazing strength of Tecla’s story is hinged on how she overcame the trauma of her experience and found strength to create a new story for herself, a story of hope…