By Eppnogia Mthethwa:


When I think of what motivates me to take on each day, I remember what Ralph  Waldo Emerson said, Do not follow where a path leads, instead go where there is no path and leave a trail . l know l haven’t reached the destination of my trail and that’s what motivates me to take on each day.

I rise up each day with the knowledge that l was born to make history and one of my dreams is to change this world and make it better. Whenever l don’t feel like getting up, l just remind myself that my work isn’t over yet and that if l quit now l will never succeed. I also think of all the people that l am supposed to be helping and that gives me all the strength l need to get up.

I believe that It only takes the action of one person to change the world and l have decided to not be one of those people who sit and complain but do nothing to change things. I am a world-changer and in my quest to achieve this I need to wake up and take on each day as it comes.

Having such an approach to life doesn’t mean I don’t encounter challenges that threaten to halt my success. I do face obstacles and when I do I always try to keep my mind in a positive space. This makes it easier for me to face my challenges because whenever something goes wrong l look for the advantages that exist in the challenge. l also believe that experiencing failure is a necessary part of success because it helps strengthen your determination to succeed and encourages you to work harder.

As a survival strategy in the face of adversity, l also try to surround myself with people who impact positively in my life. These people include my close friends; who instead of leaving me to lie down after an attack, help me to get back up, stronger and ready to take on the next challenge.  As a life motto I’ve told myself that ‘no matter what happens, I’ll keep moving forward because there’s no point in mourning over something you can’t change, it will only hinder you from striving and realizing your success.