By Fifie Edwards:
I turned 19 early this year and I’m the only girl child in a family of 4 children. Upon thorough reflection these last few days, I’ve realized that my life could not have been any better so far. In fact if I would die today, I would die with no regrets because I have lived my life exactly the way I wanted to, and the key to that was my contentment with everything life and God have given me. Like every other person, I’ve been hurt, I’ve been happy, I’ve lost loved ones, I’ve achieved my goals, I’ve been in many situations, but I am here today because I wake up each and every morning believing that life will never throw something at me that I can’t handle.

I can go on about how my strong character makes me the special young woman I am today, but to be honest I can’t do without mentioning the people whose words and actions have made me the person I am today. My mother constantly reminds me,”No one can make you feel any less about yourself without your consent”. I am what I know I am, not what anyone else says or thinks about me, so because I always hold myself in high esteem, no one has the power to destroy me. My father says “Whatever you do, give it your best shot”…Sometimes my very best is enough, I don’t have to over-do anything just to prove myself. Whatever the outcome, I feel great knowing I did my best. Disappointment comes, but it doesn’t stay for long…..”All men fall, but only the great ones get back up”…these words came from my best friend who continuously encourages me never to quit no matter what happens, I may rest if I must, but never quit..Lastly, a very special friend never forgets to say to me “Fifie, don’t ever change yourself for anything or anyone, we all love you the way you are for a reason.

I keep all these words in my heart all the time, this is why I am who I am today, this is why I have lived my life so well so far, my way, God’s way. This is why I have done and achieved all I have and conquered all the barriers. This is why I am me. These words said by the people in my life make me who I am and I thank God for them, I hope they change a life or help someone somewhere.Those who know me well, know that whatever i have made of myself so far, I’m only just getting started. Cheers all……