By Kudzai Taranhike:


Being a girl, a lady and a woman is special in itself. I am special because I am an individual, I am unique and I am my own self. I am a young lady aged 17 and I lost my parents when I was 6. I believe God had a purpose and plan for taking my parents away from me at that tender age. What makes me special is the fact that I don’t give up easily and I don’t let anything get me down, instead I try and make the best of myself. My greatest source of strength is my faith in the Lord. My Lord Jesus is like my boss and I am his personal assistant because in almost everything that I do I run it past him. When I am at the edge of giving up, my faith makes me rise.

I have a certain goal in life which is to make a difference in the lives of young people like me who are orphans. I want to make a mark and to let the world know that even though I’m an orphan I can make something good out of my life. That’s what motivates me to get up every morning and when failure comes my way I make it a point to pick myself up, hold my head up high and take it on.

I’m most passionate about people who are like me. Mostly I think this is because when I’m with these people I’m just myself, I feel at home. My inspiration is my grandmother, I love her with every bit of my body. This is because she protects me and wants the best for me. She’s my inspiration because she’s been through hell but has managed to pick herself up and make a success of her life. She is a humble and respectable woman who is loving and patient with me most of the time. She believes in me and by that, she builds up a desire in me to make her proud.

As I focus on achieving success, the three things that are important for me to fulfill this are education, faith and the people around me. In order for me to become the well known lawyer that I want to be, I need my education. For me to excel in my studies I need faith, and for me to make it I need the people around me. The most important partners to helping me achieve success are my teacher, my family and my sister who is also my mentor. I really look up to my sister; every-time I look at her I try to picture my future and to see myself as the lawyer that I dream of being. My teachers on the other hand are my bodyguards, they guide me through every step of my studies and advise me on different life issues. My family is simply my strength; every-time I hit a rock I know I’ll find a shoulder to cry on in my family.

As a final word, I believe girls, ladies and women RUN THE WORLD!!. Males and Females are all equal in my eyes and our rights as ladies should be upheld because we’re also  capable of achieving the things that men are capable of. We deserve to be treated with the same value and respect as men are, if not more…

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