By Lixy Nonty Fleuri:


The fact that l am a young African woman makes me special. My values and the traditions that l uphold define the unique individual l am. The potential that lies within me, waiting to be unleashed, the unending sources of strength that l constantly draw from, those are the traits that make me special.

When I really think of it though, there are over a 1000 things that make me special but the most outstanding fact is that l’m a young African woman. The second thing is my name: ‘Linda Nontokozo Ndlovu’; Linda is Spanish for saying something beautiful, Nontokozo refers to one who brings joy and Ndlovu in our culture stands for royalty so that means l’m a princess. l am also a third Xhosa ,third Zulu and a third Ndebele which makes me even more unique. Honestly l don’t know a lot of people with an ethnic background as good as mine so that pretty much makes me stand out.

As a young woman, I still find it disheartening to acknowledge the fact that we as women are still viewed as nothing more than goods that will be sold off to marriage as though our whole life was a build up to that moment. I believe we have so much potential within to become even greater than expected and marriage should not be used as tool to rob us of realizing this potential. As for me, I’ve decided to live my life to the fullest and to not let anything or anyone hinder me from achieving success