These are the ideas I still hold fast to. One day I will be in a position to directly influence the fulfilment of these hopes. We must rebuild our beloved continent.


Independence is not just political freedom or a new identity, its a mindset and adherence to a system that facilitates complete self-realization. The very definition of independence entails the assumption of a state where an individual, party or society is able to determine their present and control the outcome of their future.

The mistake we often make is to think that independence is merely an external manifestation characterised by reclaiming land, taking companies and penning favourable laws. These may grant justification for people to take up arms and may sway the direction of a people’s vote, but if the protagonists don’t understand the concept of independence, then in the end we’re fighting against ourselves.

Its easy to fight a neighbor but it hurts to shoot a brother, when the perpetrator of your oppression takes a kindred face, the fight for freedom becomes an act to remove one’s own eye. The…

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