I have seen them.

I have seen men dowsed in petrol with burning tires on their necks, condemned to die in the violent manifestations of xenophobia.

I have seen them beg for mercy, cry at the feet of their captors, searching for the smallest ounce of compassion, the slightest showings of remorse.

I have seen the death of humanity in the waning cinders of burning tyres, in the sickening smoke of human remains, in the eyes of a murderer.

I have seen them.

I have seen them, men wielding machetes, hurling rocks as life-takers, supreme judges, and self-authorized executioners of those with ‘unusual’ sexual preferences.

I have seen them cast the first stones, the second; the entire heap from the missiles of hypocrisy, only to return to promiscuity, infidelity and their less ‘unusual’ sexual likings.

I have seen them.

I have seen women stripped bare in the market place, left to wander naked for the amusement and satisfaction of men, and those women with the men.

I have seen the skirt-pullers, the dress-tearers, those who decide what can be worn, those who decide what should be seen and unseen.

I have seen the violent fashion police, the self-appointed preservers of a false culture who have conveniently forgotten the loin skins and nakedness of their past, of their true origins.

I have seen them.

I have seen them, the men and women who claim to take offence for God and revenge on His behalf.

I have seen them, the terrorists who claim a monopoly of faith and execute militant justice for the preservation of their ‘glorious’ kingdom.

But there is no glory in violence; no sanctity in war; there is but blood, much blood and selfishness.

I see them.

I see them, those who stain the pages of history with the blood of the innocent.

I see them, those that stand as judges, ignorant that they themselves will be judged for their judgements.

I see them, those with a lethal appetite for violence and a grave numbness for tolerance.

Have you seen them, those amongst us, have you seen the world today?