Of the euphoric wantings of freedom numbed by the self-serving propaganda of obdurate men.
Of what a people are not willing to take because of what they are not prepared to give up.

Can a nation grow beyond its present? Can it risk instability? Can it refuse conservatives’ strangle-hold on the future?
Can a nation face up to the trauma of birth? Can the women teach the men to deliver, so that both women and men take courage and pay the full price that novelty demands?

I don’t know yet, none has taught me to summon all my strength, to push without ceasing, to pour out my life that I may give life to something greater than me.
Perhaps I am ignorant because I carry no telling weight in my belly, because I still sleep peacefully at night, unmoved, with no change of appetite, no swaying of moods.

Tell me mother, how do I birth a nation?