man__s_silhouette_by_tahaelraaid-d4s41x6‪#‎HeForShe‬ I want to take a moment to recognize the silent change-makers; the ‘ones’. The individuals who fight the hardest battles with no recognition, no mention or retweet.

We may shout about gender equality but they live it, we may jump and wave for attention but they stand unmoved, unflinching in their love and respect for women and girls.

The men who lift their hands to block the fists of abusive fathers and brothers; those who sacrifice their dreams to feed their children and take them through school.

The men who speak to their children with care and compassion. Those who know how to say yes to their children and to motivate them to reach their full potential.

The men who appreciate the elderly and provide for their needs. Those who are humble enough to take instruction and receive advice from the wise.

The men who love their wives and treat them with respect in the privacy of their homes. Those who choose peace when violence beckons, who choose to trust when doubt threatens their faithfulness.

They are the mortar that hold the entire movement for gender equality together. Without these individuals who live out the positive values they believe in and do what they say; the entire wall we’ve mounted would crumble.

It is you that we fight for, we fight for what you believe in; to expand the better world you’ve created in the smallness of your home. You give us the basis to expect more from humanity, you make us believe that what we say is possible and we turn to you to show us the way.

We will settle for nothing less than the courage, love and respect you’ve set as the norm.

Enough with the substandard men who are to weak to stand on the platform of love. The men who hate themselves and try to paint the world to mirror their hateful image of humanity.

Let us learn from you, let us build on the testimony of your lives. For though you are silent, it is you that we listen to.