Seeds of Change

The ‘Seeds of Change’ blog series is a compilation of inspired conversations resulting from observations and experiences of the world around me. I am passionate about the development of Africa and I believe our beloved continent is not destined to be at the bottom log of development progress. This is not our portion and our abundant resources and young minds are the greatest hope we have to change this.

In order to transform the continent, young people need to understand the power they have, and those around them need to appreciate this transformative power. We need to groom a resilient generation of young people, who are aware of the hidden costs of change and that the power to change the continent truly belongs to them. In the same regard the burden of bringing change is not only for young people to bear but it belongs to everyone. Every person must come to the realisation that this is our world, our continent and our nation and only we can change it.

Bringing change to the continent requires traumatic processes that unseat the existing order of thought and arrangement of power. We need to alter our thinking as Africans, from dependency thinking and a continued enslavement to the injustices of the past, to forward thinking through responsible decision making based on present challenges. At the same time, we need to create space for new forward-minded thinking through a fully-fledged war of ideas expressed through words like those put together in this blog series.

I believe that in order for Africa to become the continent we want it to be, everyone must be appreciated as equal. In addition to this, leadership must not be seen as a privilege for those who are learned, charismatic, or who had experience in liberation struggles. Leadership must be seen, as the personal responsibility of every citizen of Africa and power must be equally decentralized to the citizen. All political ‘strongmen’ and ‘strongwomen’ must be let down from the illusionary pedestals of supreme power they have been placed on. The truth must be said, the people liberated and those with courage work to create a system that gives power back to the people.

The problems that my nation, and many African countries face are directly linked to leadership deficiencies and manipulations. The headship of a nation is the director of thought and perpetrator of systems; challenging headship then is the key to unleashing a revolution of ideas.  I write about the experiences of leadership in my continent as a seed of experience that other citizens in other continents can identify with. As we attempt to change our nations and our continent, we hope you will see similar opportunities to bring about change in your own countries.

I believe this is a timely discussion which comes at a time when various countries across the world are experiencing gross manipulation of systems of political organization to further  personal interests. This series asks the fundamental questions, “Where are the people in all this?” and “Where has the power of the people gone?” and I call on the people to answer by challenging the existing order, in their own localities.

Find posts from the series here:


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